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We make online classes about your money and how to take control of it! All our videos are less than 3 minutes and the courses are built out to keep you engaged. 

Learn by Doing

We will learn and do this together. You’re not gonna just sit back and watch videos. We’re gonna learn how to budget together, learn how to invest together, and learn about the current recession together.

Everything is interactive. You’re gonna learn by doing. We fill out your first personal budget together – we walk you through the entire process in less than 20 minutes. We’re gonna teach you how to save and invest using the best app Betterment!

It’s all bite sized

We get it. Money, the economy, finance – it’s all overwhelming af. 

So we break it all down for you. Yes, I’m a finance guy. Yes, I’m a CFA and a CPA. I build all these complex financial models but what I’m the best at is breaking down complex info into everyday terms. That’s my mf best skill. Watch our courses and you’ll see what I mean.

Achieve your goals

We’re all trying do the same thing – achieve our goals. Our goals are different but they have the same basic concepts. Live the life we want and have the freedom to choose.

Money and wealth are a way to get there. Yes we’ll teach you about money, finance, the economy, the stock market but the biggest thing you’ll learn from us is how to invest in yourself. You’ll invest in your skills and build out your own side hustle or full fledged business and achieve your goals and your dreams. It takes hard work and it doesn’t happen overnight which is why our motto is Vale La Pena (google it if you don’t know what it means).

“To hear and see a young Asian finance expert teaching about finances is refreshing!”

We get it, no one wants to hear a 60 year old guy who was born with millions preach. That’s why we made this – for Gen Z and Millenials to be able to connect with us and do your damn thing. Sign up already and let’s get shit done.


Nilsa – a happy colleague


"The presentations are educational, without frills, without non sense jargon. The professor is very good! It's refreshing to hear and see a young Asian finance expert teaching about finances. Finances transcend race, status, class, and nationality. "

- Nilsa R.

"I really enjoyed this course very informative and the part where he said TREAT YOURSELF had me. Great!!!"

- Ekemi T.

"This course has helped shape my personal finance strategy. Filled with nuggets of wisdom. I totally recommend it!"

- Crispin J.

"Awesome course! Thank you very much for sharing your passion.. I despise accounting and personal finance and have kept it hidden under the rug for a long time.. Time to bring it all out!! Excited to finally drag this beast out and SLLAAAYYYYY!!"

- Dhruva M.

"Great tips. Very helpful. Love your enthusiasm. Absolutely will be checking out your other courses. Thank you."

- Jackie M.

"I love the way Professor Son Han not only gives you information about to how you can improve your finances but also helpful items such as web addresses to enable you to start today. Great lecture!!!"

- Roslyn

"This was a great course! The information was presented clearly and logically, and was easy to grasp. The instructor made the topics fun, and I'll definitely be looking into more of his courses"

- Lisa P.

"Awesome class man! As a 19 year old I feel what I’ve learned from your course will help me achieve financial stability for the rest of my life!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge so that others may benefit Mr. Han!!"

- John B.

"Since i'm only 16 this is great to know for later, i'm going to use this to help my parents and prevent this from happening. THANKS!!!!"

- Joshua K.

"I’m a college student starting out and this helped me a lot with understanding the basics of finances. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting a cohesive knowledge on personal finances. Very helpful."

- Mari

"This was a great introduction to your personal finances- anyone who doesn't know where to start should begin here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in an easy to understand manner."

- Jessica L.

"Son is super passionate about helping people get their personal finance in check. Some of the tips were "common sense" but always good to hear again. Others were really useful and was surprise he dove into car and house financing. I wish I took this course before I financed my car. He seems really knowledgeable about finances and genuine with his answers and tips."

- Vivian W.

"Love this class. Extremely helpful for me. Very clear and direct. And there were some surprising humor within the course which was great! I feel like this class can definitely help those who are trying to manage, improve, and have a better understanding of their own personal finance situation. Great class! Thank you!"

- Laura B.

Money and Finance
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It’s only $19.99/year. Cancel anytime. For less than $20, you’ll change your life forever. $20 to allow everyone access – if you can’t afford it, email me and I’ll hook you up –


Straightforward personal finance courses for Millennials and Gen Z. Ain’t nobody got a attention span over 3 minutes so none of our videos are over 3 minutes long. 


Our courses are put together by Son Han, a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst, who draws on his years of finance experience as well as established best practices. Recommended by Forbes.

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