About Us

Our mission is to educate everyone on their personal finances so they can have as many life options as possible. We have a special focus on empowering women because we believe women are undervalued.

BrainyMoney was created to help people like you take control of their finances. We don't charge hundreds of dollars for our courses because we want to make them accessible to everyone. All of courses will be sold here for $9.99 (less than most movie tickets). All of courses are hosted online via Udemy and you have liftetime access to every course you purchase. 

What path you choose is up to you, we want to make all the paths available to you. 

We tailor our courses to different groups of people - women, high school students, recent college graduates and we have a course for everyone called The Core Four of Personal Finance. 

We would love to hear any feedbacks, comments or any other courses you would want to see. You can email us at info@brainymoney.com.